G FarmaBrands continues to fulfill its mission to provide the highest quality products at the fairest prices. Across all its brands, connoisseurs have come to enjoy the consistency and well-made construction that signifies G FarmaBrands time and time again.

Our Team

G FarmaBrands' C-Suite leadership not only brings a great amount of experience in business management, operations and regulatory compliance but this group also offers tremendous experience in the canna-business. Their knowledge and vision for product innovation continues to lead the industry year after year, as the marketplace continues its expansion and contraction period. G FarmaBrands' leadership guides the pace and direction of the company while at the same time it continues to architect a strategic blueprint for future growth.

Dr. Cristina Gonzalez CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cristina Gonzalez – Chief Executive Officer of G FarmaBrands, responsible for the overall vision and direction of the company on a global scale. Dr. Gonzalez has a commitment to best practices and standard operating procedures to set precedent in the industry. Cristina's corporate and professional leadership skills help accomplish the company's long-range strategy of continued growth.

Dr. Gonzalez is a licensed pharmacist in two states. She moved to the west coast to gain an understanding of the medical marijuana industry. The natural and herbal properties of the plant piqued her interest enough to set her on a path to seek a further understanding of the flower. This education is very important to Dr. Gonzalez and she continues learning more and more facts about its cannabinoids.

Her desire is to take two decades of retail pharmacy experience, face to face interactions with patients and combine it with her passion for the ethical growth and development of G FarmaBrands. Cristina's opinion on cannabis has come full circle from years ago after her research and personal findings. Today, Dr. Gonzalez believes in both, the natural medicinal uses of the plant and also the recreational use, rather than seeing the plant as taboo.

Dr. Gonzalez decided to turn her focus from a twenty-one year career as a retail pharmacy manager for the great task of leading G FarmaBrands, its first class products and all its patients and consumers. Due to her strong work ethic, reliability and stability, Cristina has been given the full reigns to accomplish the founders vision. Elevating the brand and making sure it remains the "Leader of the Global Cannabis Revolution," is the ultimate goal. Dr. Gonzalez attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida and later graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from one of the most prestigious pharmacy schools in Florida, Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Gonzalez shares the founders’ vision of creating innovative, consistent, and high quality products that set the standard for the cannabis industry.

Berto Torres COO

Chief Operations Officer

Humberto Torres – Chief Operating Officer of G FarmaBrands, he has more than 18 years experience in the area of business operations management and development. Mr. Torres previously held the position of Chief Production Officer for G FarmaLabs. Mr. Torres' experience includes directing over 100 employees in companies with revenues in excess of $500 million. Humberto has helped lead these companies through acquisition mergers, survival, turnaround, and growth mode.

From 1994 through 2000, Mr. Torres worked for several banking institutions quickly rising through the ranks, becoming one the youngest retail sales managers for Great Western Bank at the age of 23. Mr. Torres was tasked with underperforming retail branch turnarounds where he increased revenue and profits by more than 300%. In addition, Mr. Torres was an integral member of the customer acquisition teams, whose purpose was to retain and expand commercial demand accounts and business line of credit growth.

Mr. Torres has spent over 20 years as a Chief Operating Officer in a variety of other industries, including consumer durables, heavy equipment, building products, real estate, and financial services. His understanding and extensive experience of distribution channels encompasses retail sales, wholesale, catalogue sales, direct sales, leasing, and implementation of Lean manufacturing processes.

For the last six years, Mr. Torres has been responsible for the complete implementation of G FarmaLabs’ wide vertical integration, encompassing all aspects from seed to sale and creating processes that capture the spirit of the founders’ most important philosophy, relentless consistency. This includes streamlining cannabis production and curing processes, overseeing quality control, and decreasing overall production cost and expenses. Among his significant previous positions, Mr. Torres served as an Assistant Vice President for Citicorp, in the retail sales division, a New York-based NYSE and Fortune 500 multinational commercial bank.

Luis A. Escobar CFO

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Luis A. Escobar is the Interim Chief Financial Officer at G FarmaBrands where he has a broad range of responsibilities, including overseeing all financial functions, corporate development, strategic planning, and future ventures. Luis joined G FarmaBrands in 2017 after spending more than 20 years in the financial services industry.

  Luis is President of CBS Financial, a public accounting firm located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Escobar is also a member of AICPA. Outside of work, Luis stays busy spending time on the golf course or motorcycling. He holds a Certified Public Accountant degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Edwin Nuñez CBO

Chief Brand Officer

Edwin Nuñez - Chief Brand Officer of G FarmaBrands. Edwin Nuñez was Chief Marketing Officer of G FarmaLabs. He was responsible for designing and developing the brands and marketing materials. Mr. Nuñez helped the G FarmaLabs marketing efforts as a nationally branded and respected, award-winning cannabis brand.

Hector Fernandez CIO

Chief Investment Officer

Hector Fernandez is the Chief Investment Officer of G FarmaBrands, where he oversees all investment activity and brand expansion plans. Mr. Fernandez has worked for over a decade with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of banking, real estate advising, capital and credit market arenas. Mr. Fernandez received his B.S. in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and his M.S. in Finance and Real Estate from Florida International University.

In 2016, he decided to accept a job offer with G FarmaBrands to assist in transitioning the company from the shadows of California’s cannabis industry, into a more corporate and compliant leader in the industry. In his short time with the company, Mr. Fernandez’s experience and knowledge has positively impacted the G FarmaBrands family. From the significant growth of our investment activity, through the repositioning of real estate holdings and cannabis community involvement, we are excited for this journey into a regulated market place.

Matthew Uribe CPO

Chief Production Officer

Matthew Uribe – Chief Production Officer and executive member of the G FarmaBrands Team, is responsible for setting up the overall management and day-to-day operations of the brands' new global cultivation and manufacturing facilities. His deep experience implementing a strong management system to launch successful facilities that stay at the cutting edge of the cannabis industry, have earned Matthew a key role in the G FarmaBrands Team. Matthew is directly responsible to the Chief Operating Officer and will be involved with other departmental officers who are responsible for production, distribution, logistics management, quality control, health and safety, human resources and compliance. Mr. Uribe will be responsible for implementing and managing production lean management techniques by decentralizing responsibility to key production personnel.

Matthew was groomed by Berto Torres as a franchise player for the company and mentored by the founders on their specific facility management expectations. He was taught everything about cannabis cultivation and then immediately tasked with a facility to grow medical marijuana, both indoors and outdoors. Three years later and only after the founders felt he was an experienced cultivator, did they challenge him again. Mr. Uribe was tasked with implementing a complete set of standard operating procedures for a new facility that was set to open. Once again, Matthew arose to the occasion and showed his abilities to senior management by successfully launching facilities where some of the brands' most revolutionary products including Liquid Gold, G Brand and Karma are manufactured. Mr. Uribe will continue to help accelerate the innovation agenda by assisting in the successful launchings of the new facilities which will be building the G FarmaLabs products that consumers love throughout every territory.

Luigi De Dominicis CTO

Chief Technology Officer

Luigi De Dominicis – Chief Technology Officer of GFarmaBrands. Mr. De Dominicis leads the Operations and Professional Extractions Group ("PEG") team. Luigi brings to G FarmaBrands a diverse cross-industry background in leadership, infrastructure development, process improvement, project management, operations management, and professional services. Luigi has held positions in both, financial organizations and small business organizations, upon which he draws experience to create a “best of both worlds” approach to leadership, team building, efficiency, and protocols.

Mr. De Dominicis brings 16 years of upper level management experience to G FarmaLabs. Beginning his career as a loan officer in the mortgage industry at 19 years old, Luigi quickly climbed the corporate ladder. Recognized for his leadership skills, he became Vice President of sales for a multi-million dollar financial company by age 22. In order to keep up with the booming loan demands, Mr. De Dominicis created an efficient protocol for mortgage loan processing. He scouted and assembled teams, finding their niche and putting them in the right places to handle specific tasks.

Capitalizing on his success, Mr. De Dominicis expanded into the insurance industry where he oversaw multiple agencies and handpicked agents and customer service representatives for each location and together they increased the company’s sales by 40% and retention rate by 25% in less than a year. Mr. De Dominicis’ clear vision made him look to California where an emerging industry was being formed. In 2011, he decided to relocate his family and join the G FarmaLabs team.

For two years he was involved in cannabis production and curing methods for the G FarmaLabs California collective. As extracts became more popular, Mr. De Dominicis became recognized for his leadership abilities and was promoted to handle all the Co2 extraction processes and refinement methods. Today Mr. De Dominicis oversees the PEG team and their operational structure. Luigi also shares the founders’ vision of creating innovative, consistent, and high quality products that set the standard in the cannabis industry.

Brittney Uribe CMO

Chief Marketing Officer

Brittney Uribe is Chief Marketing Officer at GFarmaBrands, and oversees all marketing efforts including digital marketing, creative development, marketing effectiveness and social responsibility. Prior to joining GFarmaBrands, she worked in marketing development and promotions for Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and served in staff positions in county government. Brittney's greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. Her expertise in identifying consumer markets and developing customer profiles brings value to the various brands under the GFarmaBrands umbrella.

Ata Gonzalez


Ata Gonzalez - founded G FarmaLabs, a producer of cannabis and manufacturer of a full line of cannabis infused products. Today, Ata is in charge of advising G FarmaBrands on strategic planning and execution, national and global expansion, intellectual property management, trademarks, new territories, product innovation and its marketing efforts. Mr. Gonzalez has spent over 20 years as an entrepreneur and real estate investor. It was under his leadership the G FarmaLabs brand was birthed and would become America’s first full line of nationally branded cannabis infused products.

Soon after arriving in California in 2009, Ata attended Oaksterdam University and began building and overseeing a team of professional managers who would help him maximize productivity and efficiency in cannabis production and dispensary operations. After realizing the demand for marijuana edibles and extracts, he continued driving his vision which gave birth to a full line of cannabis infused products that would forever leave its mark on the industry.

For the last six years he has driven a strong track record of results, execution excellence and improved efficiency while driving the brand forward in a very difficult and ever-changing regulatory landscape. Mr. Gonzalez's goals today are to continue advising the Executive Team and continue cementing the G FarmaBrands as global leaders in cannabis infused product extractions and innovations.

Nicole Gonzalez


Nicole Gonzalez - Co-founder of G FarmaLabs, a producer of cannabis and manufacturer of a full line of cannabis infused products. Nicole, a second generation Cuban-American and member of a fourth generation tobacco family was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day leadership, general management and its protocol for sales, sales training and intellectual property manual development. In this capacity, Nicole established G FarmaLabs as a nationally branded and respected, award-winning cannabis brand of products.

Today, Nicole is in charge of advising G FarmaBrands throughout all areas of the organization including corporate management, sales protocols, intellectual property manual publishing, technology deployment, customers and network operations and licensee relations. She carries many lessons learned from the cigar industry, this best of both worlds experience is unique and unmatched in the cannabis industry.

Nicole witnessed several brands launch in the cigar industry, witnessed their operational growth and final acquisition, years later. The cigar industry of the 1990's flourished and the cannabis regulated marketplaces of today will share a very similar experience.

Jason Ryan Thompson

Regulatory Counsel for CA.

Jason Ryan Thompson’s experience related to California cannabis regulatory compliance starts in his drafting of numerous local municipal cannabis regulatory schemes, drafting of cannabis-related voter initiatives, successfully leading efforts to qualify those initiatives for placement on election ballots, including special election ballots, and successfully defending the constitutionality of a cannabis-related voter initiative against a legal challenge brought by a large public entity. He has also successfully litigated federal civil rights lawsuits against local municipalities, which have resulted in the payment of damages to his clients and legislative repeal of unconstitutional policies and procedures.

Several of Mr. Thompson’s cases have attracted national media attention, and his work has been covered in numerous print and television news stories. His diverse set of clients ranges from licensed cannabis providers operating throughout the State of California, to leading national cannabis industry startup companies, to licensed attorneys who have found themselves in trouble, to NFL athletes, to indigent individuals in dire need of high-impact legal representation. Mr. Thompson’s notable experience in matters involving statutory interpretation and litigation related to California marijuana regulations provides GFarmaBrands with the direction and confidence it needs to safely navigate the tumultuous sea of California legal compliance.

Zach Fleet

Regulatory Counsel for WA.

Bio coming soon

David Kotler

Regulatory Counsel for Global Territories

David Kotler, Esquire is a shareholder with the law firm of Cohen Kotler, P.A. located in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2014, he formed a practice area in Medical Marijuana Business Law for the State of Florida which allows him to draw from all of his practice areas to benefit his clients. He is on the Advisory Board of the Cannabis Marketing Lab, an industry leading marketing agency in California and is General Counsel to the Florida Cannabis Industry Association. Since the formation of Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers LLC, Mr. Kotler has represented clients seeking to make application for license under the Florida Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 and was one of the first attorneys in Florida to undertake representation of individuals and entities hoping to open a "cannabusiness" in Florida after the legalization of full spectrum medical marijuana.

Mr. Kotler has an understanding of the industry and in and out of state individuals and companies who are able to legally service his clients in order to maximize their success. He currently consults with a wide range of individuals and companies countrywide and serves as outside general counsel for numerous cannabis industry clients including nationally recognized companies. He has been quoted in news sources including National Public Radio in Miami, Florida, the Orlando Business Journal, the Sarasota Herald Tribune, and MMJ Business Daily. Mr. Kotler is a litigation attorney who has tried numerous jury and bench trials as lead trial counsel. He currently represents individuals and corporations in general civil, complex commercial, and personal injury matters within the civil realm. Finding it difficult to reject a client seeking his assistance with criminal matters, Mr. Kotler maintains an active state and federal criminal defense practice. His practice consists of representation and advice during the investigative stages of crimes and post-arrest and/or indictment or information. He has represented both individuals and corporations with subpoena and investigation compliance.

Mr. Kotler is a graduate of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. He earned his law degree from Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. While attending Widener University in Harrisburg, he was inducted into the Trial Advocacy Honor Society and based on his trial skills, represented the school at the ABA National Criminal Justice Trial Competition. While in Harrisburg, the Capitol of Pennsylvania, Mr. Kotler worked for the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office, Criminal Law and Insurance Fraud Divisions. Mr. Kotler began his legal career representing the State of Florida as an assistant state attorney in Miami-Dade County. Based on his achievements as a division state attorney in the county court division, he was asked to become a committed prosecutor and manage the day-to-day courtroom activities of incoming assistant state attorneys. Once again, based on his success in this position, Mr. Kotler was asked to undertake and accepted the responsibility of being assistant crimes chief of misdemeanor crimes for the county court division for all of the misdemeanor crimes in Miami-Dade County, Florida. After his time as assistant chief of misdemeanor crimes, Mr. Kotler took on felony level cases and in that time, prosecuted and tried cases ranging from grand theft to murder, in addition to "white collar" and economic crimes. Mr. Kotler completed his time with the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office as a career robbery division prosecutor wherein he prosecuted violent career criminals and those involved with sophisticated robbery schemes.

Mr. Kotler is admitted to practice in Florida, the United States District Courts for the Southern and Northern Districts of Florida, and the Supreme Court of the United States. His professional affiliations currently include the Criminal Law Division and Trial Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar. Mr. Kotler is the current chair of the Florida Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee 15B. He has been a member of the American Association for Justice, Florida Association of Justice, The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers , The Florida Bar Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee 11, Dade County Criminal Courts Committee and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Avvo.com has awarded Mr. Kotler a "superb rating" of a perfect 10. He has been included in SuperLawyers as a rising star. Martindale Hubbell has rated Mr. Kotler AV-Preeminent, an honor bestowed on less than 5% of practicing attorneys.

Andy Joseph

Supercritical Co2 Extraction Equipment Expert, Global Territories

Andy Joseph is the President of Apeks Supercritical, an Ohio based manufacturer of fully automated subcritical and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) botanical oil extraction systems. Apeks has been designing and manufacturing botanical oil extraction equipment since 2001 and introduced patent pending Valveless Expansion Technology in 2012. Apeks has more than 200 CO2 extraction systems installed in 20 states across the United States and internationally. Through a 2015 partnership agreement and a handshake, Apeks Supercritical became the Official Co2 extraction machine for all G FarmaBrands future territories. Andy is a US Navy veteran and earned his BS and MS degrees in Welding Engineering from the Ohio State University.

Josh Connely

Greenhouse Facility Expert, Global Territories

Josh Conley Owner, Next G3Neration Greenhouse, a company formed for the cultivation of new ideas while embracing the heritage of the past. Mr. Conley is a third generation greenhouse manufacturer with his grandfather John founding Conley's Manufacturing and Sales in 1946. Following his passion for snowboarding and skateboarding Josh owned a successful action sports online retailer after which Josh moved into the greenhouse business. Over the last three years he has developed light deprivation products for Conley's Manufacturing and sales. The benefits of working toward the future growth of G FarmaBrands allows Josh to fuel his passion for bringing the best products to the world class cultivation Team of G FarmaBrand.

MESSAGE FROM Dr. Cristina Gonzalez

I appreciate your interest in G FarmaBrands. Ever since my attention was captured by news stories reporting on the medical marijuana industry, I began to slowly educate myself. I noticed a product manufacturer, G FarmaLabs and was shocked at the advancements that were being made from the primitive days of rolling a joint. I must admit, I fell in love with the brand. Today, I am Chief Executive Officer of G FarmaBrands, tasked with the great responsibility of its global growth and future vision. Yes, it's true! The profession that I practiced for over twenty years, with the same employer, was as a retail pharmacy manager during most of my career. Some might wonder what drove me away from that job? If from the outside I fell in love with what G FarmaLabs was doing, as soon as I was able to see everything that was being developed, planned and innovated, I was stunned that its founders had created such a masterpiece. Everyone at the company was and continues to be committed to providing:

• high-quality products and services
• extraordinary returns for shareholders
• strong support to the communities where they do business, and
• a place where everyone likes to come in to work on Monday

G FarmaBrands is committed and dedicated to top-quality production and processing of its different products by choosing the right team leaders to handle each brand individually. We all share a belief that the flow of the brand begins with an essential and successful democracy. Over the years, many have taken great risks to ensure that citizens have unfettered access to cannabis and cannabis products. As G FarmaBrands keeps expanding into new diverse and global territories, we keep expanding the scope of our high standards to ensure market leadership in whatever territory we operate.

G FarmaBrands aims to grow by creating new businesses, while continuing to refine and improve our existing brands. To achieve these goals we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to take risks and a realization that not every venture is going to succeed.

We are especially excited about increasing the number of opportunities available to expand our reach in the cannabis industry and are pursuing these new ventures aggressively. Our exclusive focus on the long term means that we can invest in businesses whose returns may be farther off than the norm for most companies.

Above all, we try to be careful stewards of our shareholders’ money. By continuing to build the intrinsic value of the G FarmaBrands, we believe we are doing the job our investors expect us to do.

Cristina Gonzalez,
Chief Executive Officer

Management Approach

Our management efforts are directed toward management building by recruitment and/or development of the highest qualified individuals in regular industry. This is accomplished through a selection process that gives rise to the highest qualified individuals for a specific management position. This is accomplished through recruitment or development but the process was created to empower a new generation of leadership within our culture.

Our major responsibility toward shareholders is to increase the Company's intrinsic value by growing earnings over the long term. We pay little attention to quarterly results, and we are willing to sacrifice short-term gains for greater returns in the future. We aim to be wise and careful stewards of our shareholders’ money.

G FarmaBrands operates in a decentralized manner. While sharing common goals and values, each of the Company's divisions has its own identity, workplace culture and way of doing business. Division management is responsible for its operations.

Finding better ways to serve customers, combat competitors and grow our businesses requires taking risks. This is especially true as G FarmaBrands expands aggressively into different territories. We know that not every new effort is going to succeed, but we don't let fear of failure inhibit creative thinking. At the same time, we hate to make the same mistake twice.

We take pride in running extremely lean and efficient operations that keep costs down without sacrificing our standards for quality.

G FarmaBrands aims to be a responsible corporate citizen, and there are many ways we contribute to the communities in which we do business.

G FarmaBrands strives to be an exceptional place for people to work and a leader in hiring and promoting women and minorities. The company actively promotes diversity. We operate on the basis of mutual respect for all employees, and insist on the highest ethical and professional conduct. Developing challenging careers is an important objective of the company. We benefit from having many different kinds of business operations, offering a variety of growth opportunities within one corporate family. G FarmaBrands also recognizes the importance of striking a balance between work and home life.

Company Profile

G FarmaBrands designs, develops and acquires market-leading brands in the cannabis flower, extracts and edible product arena. Cannabis products that include solvent and solvent-less extracted oils, chocolates, drinks, pills, mints, tinctures and many more convenient store type products. Its state licensed producers and processors sell quality products using some of the G FarmaBrands market-leading processes. Cannabis is not a conventional product, therefore G FarmaBrands is not a conventional company, nor do they intend to become one. G FarmaBrands was minted in the marijuana industry as proud purveyors of non traditional business strategies. The company was built by founders who believed in themselves and their Team, having a never give up attitude to conquering goals continues to put this brand of products in a leadership position in the cannabis industry. That drive to succeed is called grit and it is contagious around their headquarters. It is another rare quality possessed by every team member. In essence, the words traditional and conventional are not synonymous with any G FarmaLabs brand.

This Team is known for taking calculated risks when foreseeing above average returns for their stakeholders, they take gambles that the traditional banker might not. They pride themselves on being different and want to do important and meaningful things with their resources. "Many thought our vision seemed crazy at the time we were creating the brand but today, those people wish to have invested in our earliest stage," says the founder, Ata Gonzalez. Luckily, G FarmaBrands will not stop there, they still strive to do things other people think are crazy. They seem to have a market cornered due to a poor understanding or lack of vision by traditional investment groups. "Those are the business ventures that make us super excited," says COO, Berto Torres. The belief is that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes but in the cannabis industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big innovations, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.

Eventually, G FarmaBrands will allow them more flexibility to scale management, as they can run things independently that aren't related, it becomes easier to manage a portfolio of their brands intellectual properties and assure they prosper through strong leadership and independence. In general, the goal is to have a strong CEO run each brand, with both Founders in service to them as needed. "We will rigorously help locate talent, handle and focus on capital and capital allocation and work to make sure each brand is executing well. We will make sure G FarmaBrands hires the best CEO's for each brand or business under their umbrella. This new structure will allow them to keep tremendous focus on the extraordinary and non-traditional opportunities ahead in the cannabis marketplace which will continue allowing G FarmaBrands to lead the pack...," says co-founder, Nicole Gonzalez.

Some of the other cannabis complimentary products, brands and businesses they are looking to include are... a complete line of horticulture nutrient products, vape pens, lighters, ashtrays, clothing, Internet sites, newsletters, on-camera personalities, art and music artists, music concerts, etc. But most importantly G FarmaBrands was established to focus its teams efforts into maintaining the integrity and consistency of its current cannabis brands. In order to do so, they allocate most of their financial and personnel resources toward the following areas:

Intellectual Property Management

• Brand trademarks
• Intellectual property design and development
• Intellectual property manual development


• Management of Realestate Holdings
• Build-Out of Ccultivation Facilities
• Build-Out of Processing Centers
• Build-Out Existing Properties
• Build-to-Suit Realestate Projects
• Foreclosure Bail-Outs


• Acquisition of cannabis edible and non-edible product brands
• Acquisition of licensed cannabis retailers
• Acquisition of cannabis flower brands
• Acquisition of state licensed cannabis producers & processors
• Acquisition of cannabis grow, extraction, science and kitchen equipment

Licensing and Lending

• Licensing of our brands to qualified producer/processors
• working capital or loans for equity, to purchase: edible and non edible cannabis brands, licensed retailers, flower brands, producer licenses, processor licenses, equipment, real estate, ancillary canna-businesses.

Company Goals

1. To produce the best brands, highest quality products and licensee solutions
2. To provide the highest quality digital video, internet and social marketing solutions
3. To experiment and innovate, and to be creative, adaptive, flexible and intelligent enough to adapt to the changes in our business environment
4. To run an outstanding business, measured by the increase in intrinsic shareholder value over time
5. To be an exceptional place for people to work, and a leader in the hiring and promotion of minorities and women
6. To be a company that provides outstanding client services
7. To be a respected part of the communities where we do business

Business Units
Touching the Leaf

The brands that comprise G FarmaLabs represent many diverse lifestyle sectors. We operate in a highly decentralized way.

Liquid Gold - is one of the nation's best known cannabis brands. Its a luxury brand that was specifically created for the consumer who enjoys the finer things in life, yet one that can be enjoyed by the everyday person. With a variety of products ranging from flower, oil extracts, pre-rolled marijuana cone shaped cigarettes to a diverse array of edible products that are recognized as industry leaders by industry leaders.

G Brands - is another staple in the G FarmaLabs portfolio. G Stiks were the first American pre-rolled cannabis cones branded nationally. This unique approach was developed using lessons from the cigar industry. During every stage of development, from the packaging to the blending of cannabis strains to create our own intellectual property specific indica, hybrid or sativa product. In the near future, the G Brand will experience an expansion which will have an array of products specific to a cultural lifestyle.

Quigley's - We think nothing is more important than the health and happiness of those around us. That’s why we created Quigley’s; the only fast acting, most reliable and uplifting liquid cannabis delivery system in existence. We believe in blending the power of science, with the art of compassion. Which is why we’ve developed our patent-pending formula for one reason: to help you, “ease the day.” So no matter when or where your need may arise, find joy and relief in a bottle of Quigley’s.

Business Units
Not Touching the Leaf

GFarma.News - a daily digital newsletter that reaches ten's of thousands of subscribers. This very successful marketing tool for G FarmaBrands creates a digital cult-like following for our portfolio of brands. Created to update the cannabis following which has gained amazing interest throughout the world, it will attract advertising from industry specific companies as it continues to develop into the future.

GFarma.TV - creates visual content and builds marketing technology and solutions to make the world's most valuable brands successful using digital and social media outlets. We are investing in digital initiatives that teach us how to better serve our brands and reach consumers. We evaluate innovative consumer Internet and technology companies that may be valuable as standalone businesses or in association with our operating units, and explore strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions.

Business Units

We are investing in a number of digital initiatives that are expanding our ability to communicate and better serve our brands, advertisers and reach consumers. These include Hi-Level Branding, a personalized and exclusive boutique brand building firm. In addition, we seek out and evaluate innovative consumer Internet and technology companies that may be valuable as standalone businesses or in association with one or more of our operating units. Often, we explore strategic partnerships and in certain cases, we make investments or acquisitions. Below are a few more of our current projects and/or strategic partnerships.

High Level Branding - this think tank of creative professionals in cannabis marketing was assembled to create the unique brands to lead the cannabis revolution into the next millennium. Soon after the success of designing and marketing the G FarmaLabs brands, Hi-Level Branding was launched. It is very specific on the team it chooses to work with. This boutique firm has only does work one client at a time in order to elevate your cannabis conversation straight to the top of the industry.

Apeks - We are proud to be partners with number twenty-four of INC's 500 fastest growing private companies. The synergy and great relationship building skills between both companies, allowed for a deal to be inked. This partnership calls for Apeks Supercritical to supply all the existing and future territories of G FarmaBrands with its Co2 extraction units as the territories grow and the licensee's demands for Co2 cannabis oil becomes greater. These strategic alliances are what help drive the growth of our brands and create consistent envy for our products and long lasting relationships with market leaders who bring great value to both parties.

Next Generation Greenhouse - Has struck a strategic partnership with G FarmaBrands in order to help fuel growth of the brand in all its existing and future territories. Whereas Next Generation Greenhouses sat with the G FarmaGroup who handle all cannabis property acquisitions and development in order to create a few versions of its production facilities from state to state. This scalable model was a product of great visionaries, both from the G FarmaGroup and from the folks over at Next Generation Greenhouses who designed five sizes of greenhouse to fit any territory, no matter the weather conditions will always be optimal for the cannabis flower. Looking to operate in all fifty states, local populations were studied and their medical or recreational models, then a market specific production facility was designed to find the most cost effective fit for the current marketplace. This strategic alliance gives the G FarmaBrands consistency even at the construction of infrastructure phase.

Marijuana Sustainability

Great Times
Part of having a great time in recreational states is enjoying our brands responsibly, which is why we work hard to continuously grow our marijuana responsibility programs. Our strategy focuses on two main areas: drugged driving prevention and underage access prevention. We are committed to the safety of our consumers and those around them, and we work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders to meet that charge.

Our commitment to responsible marijuana marketing and consumption is rooted in these core beliefs:

  • We believe that with great marijuana comes great responsibility
  • We recognize that our products are enjoyed responsibly by adults every day
  • We engage consumers and stakeholders, and we work collectively with them to promote responsible enjoyment of our products
  • We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible cannabis edible consumption
  • We respect that marijuana consumption is for legal-age adults and is a matter of individual judgment and accountability
  • We ensure that our marketing practices comply with laws, regulations, and voluntary advertising and marketing codes
  • We value responsibility in our business culture, and our employees demonstrate high levels of conduct

Environmental Stewardship

Great Environment

Our environmental sustainability strategy strives to reduce environmental impacts at every stage of the marijuana growing process and focuses on three main areas:

  • Reducing water use in our production and processing facilities and agricultural supply chain
  • Reducing our carbon footprint across our value chain
  • Eliminating waste at all major production and processing facilities

The key to our success has been how well our employees work together as a team, not just in their production and processing operations but also across the organization. This approach has led to huge gains in water and energy efficiency.

People & Communities

Great People and Communities

Our employees, suppliers and communities each play a vital role in making us who we are. To support these groups, the strategy of our people and communities focuses on three areas:

  • Diversity and inclusion;
  • Supporting diverse suppliers; and
  • Investing in our communities

We believe it's important to celebrate the diversity of our workforce and supply chain. We also dedicate our time and resources to improving the environmental and social conditions in our marijuana producing and processing communities.

"Through corporate team building, product design, development and acquisitions, G FarmaBrands maintains its position as the global leader of cannabis infused products. Our in-house team continues innovating the latest in cannabis extraction for infusion and other forms of ingestion. It doesn't matter if you are royalty or just an everyday working man, our brands were made to be enjoyed by everyone"

– Cristina Gonzalez CEO G FarmaBrands

About Us

The G FarmaLabs journey and its humble beginnings can be traced back to a lifetime of business knowledge experienced by its founders but the road toward a cannabis marketplace began in 2007. During this particular year the worst economic meltdown started to develop in the United States. The snowball effect that would follow would be called, "The Great Recession." This financial crisis affected nearly every American and displaced from their home states, an epic amount of households. People were trying to feed their families and were in the search for an industry that would lend itself to the reinvention of their professional careers. It wasn't until 2009 that both Founders, Ata & Nicole Gonzalez, without knowing where it would lead, decided to relocate their lives and family to California. This cross country move was based on a hope, that one day, hopefully soon and not in the too distant future, a legal cannabis industry would be born. In order to be one of the first to mint their stake in that marketplace, they would leave everything behind for a new beginning.

Their vision for the future was that America would eventually create a regulated cannabis marketplace. Reality was that at the moment, the times were simply filled with uncertainties and stories of criminalizing those who were pioneering the industry. But the founders of G FarmaLabs foresaw the end of marijuana prohibition. "I still advice the G FarmaBrands Team on the core principals in which the company was built and maintaining that foundation will forever keep mine and Nicole's vision alive. "Sustainable Growth will lead us to the next phase and the one after that...," says Founder, Ata Gonzalez.

In The Begining

Responsible for many renowned brands, G FarmaLabs has been producing great cannabis and processing great cannabis products since 2009. You would never imagine how humble the company has been from its beginnings by looking at its place in the cannabis marketplace today. Mr. Gonzalez rented his first Northern California farm, not knowing they were taking the first steps toward in the future creating G FarmaBrands, they settled into the land, Ata planted and harvested their first marijuana flowers. Mr. Gonzalez continued to gain cannabis experience and by late 2013 he had trail-blazed his way by launching America's first complete brand of cannabis products.

The Present

In 2015 G FarmaBrands was born and its founders focused on maintaining a select line of non-edible and edible chocolate/confection cannabis products aside from producing pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes. They didn’t realize their focus on quality and consistency would help the brand become an American cannabis industry leader. Once you have indulged in a premium product crafted by G FarmaBrands, there’s a good chance you’ve enjoyed the best cannabis experience. G FarmaBrands is responsible for developing and producing all the intellectual property manuals, trademarks, cultivation and processing recipes to all its territories. This allows for its licensees (producers and processors) to focus on quality and the consumers which allows them to stay,

"The Leaders of the Global Cannabis Revolution."

Our Employees

"Love the Experience," what does it mean? We strive for every employee of G FarmaBrands to... "Love the Experience." This guarantees our Teams will rise to the challenges of manufacturing and marketing products meant for adults. In a highly regulated environment, all our employees strive each day to be innovative, focused, disciplined and responsible.

"We don't believe the status quo will make the company better, our belief has always been in ourselves and the teams we assemble"

–Ata Gonzalez, Founder G FarmaBrands

Our Process

The G FarmaGroup has been closely working with a team of professionals who have outlined and designed the California based, state of the art, massive processing center and its production facility called, "Innovation Center." This first of its kind facility is being planned in Desert Hot Springs, California, where we have coined the phrase, "Napa Valley of Cannabis." Our focus is in part on breakthrough innovations and technology that will change the way future cannabis production and processing centers function and will be built. G FarmaBrands demonstrates a commitment to a six step process of launching products. This level of development and innovation is only possible due to the assembly of their very own R&D team. Whether it is food or beverage that is being discussed, G GarmaBrands and its portfolio of products continue leading the fast-changing consumer trends and innovations happening in today's nascent marijuana industry. This amazing team has chosen to dedicate their careers to transform the way, the world enjoys a cannabis infused edible product.

We are projecting a completion date toward the end of 2017. G FarmaBrands will officially open its new "Innovation Center" which brings together all of the company’s R&D talent, including two specialists who have been formulating for G FarmaBrands since its inception. The "Innovation Center" is responsible for everything from recipes and varieties to packaging and launch efforts. Though the Center's primary objective is to support the G FarmaBrands, the company is open to expanding that portfolio if an opportunity warrants a new brand through development or acquisition.

G FarmaBrands and it's products are growing across the board due to the innovation and support which we give to the current consumer trends, including the increasing popularity of snacking and consumer desire for great taste and consistency in cannabis infused products. The brands in this portfolio have strong equities that could be strengthened with further innovation. There is an incredible amount of untapped potential that hasn't been leveraged over the years due to regulatory uncertainty but now G FarmaBrands is aggressively going after it.













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